1/14 | Idea conceived
1/17 | Semester starts
1/19 | Design completed


I wrote Novello when I was trying to complete my book "Oom". MS Word was ok while I was spewing out the first draft but was no good for the later stages of book development. The quality of my first draft was a long way from what I wanted. I needed to plough through my manuscript to do rewrites, jiggle things about and throw away the crap.

Novello made these tasks easier because it helped me split the book up into small (smaller than whole chapters) managable chunks. I was able to keep several major rewrites of each chunk together in one document.

In Word you are always working on the finished document. What you see is what you get. In Novello, the working project and the finished document are two different things - but of course you can generate the "finished document" at any time.